Pure Celebritea

Clarity Glow Skin set Bundle

$64.99 $71

This skin set includes a cerasee flush ingredients fresh cerasee and mint which purifies the blood along with carrot juice which gives you glowing skin, purecelebritea skin supplement and our beauty bar this combination is good for your skin within and outside                                             Ingredients in cerasee blend: mint and cerasee                         Ingredients in carrot juice: carrots, vanilla and coconut milk                                                                                  Ingredients in purecelebritea skin: Glutathione, grapeseed extract, milk thistle, Alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C                                                                     Ingredients in beauty bar: Sodium hydroxide, cocamide , glycerine, Kojic acid, glutathione             Ingredients carrot juice: carrots, vanilla, coconut milk or soy milk 

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